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Marshall, A. T. & Morris, J. M. (2006) A Watery Solution & Sustainable Energy Parks, CIWM Journal, August, p22-23. Download here>>
Marshall, A. T. & Finstein, M. S. (2006) Oaktech's Response to Consultation on the Source Segregation Requirement in Paragraph 7A of Schedule 3 to the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994. Link to article >> 
Marshall, A. T. (2006) BULK 2006 "Sink or Swim" Water-based waste treatment with the ArrowBio Process. Materials Handling Association Annual Conference. Download here >> 
Marshall, A. T. (2005) Bridging the Gap between Water and Waste, East Journal, p21, Vol. 3, 4 Download here>>
University Life Magazine (2005) Manchester Graduates Break New Ground.  Vol.3, 1. 3 Oct. Download here >> 
Marshall, A. T. (2004) Irish Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition 2004 Treating Waste with Water, Talkback Seminars, Waste Session. Download here >> 
Finstein, M. S., Zadik, Y., Marshall, A. T. & Brody, D. (2004)
The ArrowBio Process for Mixed Municipal Solid Waste – Responses to “Requests for Information”, Proceedings for Biodegradable and Residual Waste Management, Proceedings. (Eds. E. K. Papadimitriou & E. I. Stentiford), Technology and Service Providers Forum, p. 407-413 Download here >> 
Environmental Innovation Venture Centre (2004) Case Study Alex Marshall MEnt Link to website here >> 
Manchester Knowlege Capital (2004) Genius Generation, Enter the Entrepreneurs, p24/25 Download here >> 
Bates, T (2003) The New White Shirts, Sustainability Northwest, Manchester's Contribution to the Johannesburg World Summit Download here >>

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